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In exactly the same way as did Johann Strauss, Alfred Pfleger conducts his ensemble as leading violinist, standing nearby his orchestra.
Alfred Pfleger, also concertmaster of the United Stages of Vienna ("Vereinigte Bühnen Wiens"), does for this purpose need neither whiskers nor costumes. With the sensuous Viennese sound of his violin and his impassionate performance he leads us into a very special musical world. But this world is not at all outmoded or old-fashioned but alluring above all by this very attractive and unique "Viennese Blues-Feeling". For his audience, Alfred Pfleger, the specialist for Viennese Music gathers the best musicians of the famous Viennese orchestras and always finds a very outstanding program. The music of Johann Strauss Father and Josef Lanner is performed like chamber music, with four or eight musicians, whereas Johann Strauss Son and Franz Lehar are reproduced with full orchestra. And not later than as encore, Alfred Pfleger’s violin is sobbing one of the world’s most famous melodies, written by Fritz Kreisler.

Dr. Paul Hertel 2004
Translation: Gerda Kölbl


Viennese Music (Valse, Polka, March)


Alfred Pfleger: First and leading violin
The least possible instrumentation is five musicians (optional with a dancing couple and a female singer for balls and similar events).
The core ensemble can be increased (five to twenty musicians, one to four dancing couples, more singers).

Viennese music (Valse, Polka, March) Right now, the Johann Strauss Ensemble Vienna gave performances in a concert hall, but also on balls and galas, especially for the City of Vienna.


Johann Strauß Ensemble Wien

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