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Alfred Pfleger, Concert Master of the United Vienna Stages ("Vereinigte Bühnen Wien") has assembled excellent musicians and established the Johann Strauss Octet.
This Octet consists of two violins (for sobbing), the viola (for the mind), the contrabass (for a dark rhythmic basis), the flute (for the bright sound), the clarinet (for melancholy) and two horns (for harmony).
The perfect formation of the programs, for instance the immortal opus of the Strauss dynasty, Josef Lanner as well as Johann and Josef Schrammel, has been compared with subtle, sensual and artful Viennese cuisine. The Octet also performs Viennese dance music, composed by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and, of course, Franz Schubert. The great success in concerts in Europe, and regularly in Vienna, made the Johann Strauss Octet the most important representative of the classical Viennese music in this instrumentation. BMG, one of the largest producers of sound storage mediums in the world, has published two exemplary CDs.

Dr. Paul Hertel 2006, Translation: Gerda Kölbl


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